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Missing His Period Every Few Paragraphs

I'm an aspiring novelist who writes fantasy and horror fiction. I spend much of my time writing stories and listening to music. I've completed two novels so far, and am trying to get one of them published. I hope to someday make a modest living off of writing.

I like solitary walks in the morning hours, reading, and meditation. I have my own personal belief system which borrows from eastern and western ways of thinking. Though I follow no religion, I have a deep and abiding respect for Buddhism.

I am also a huge fan of all things fantasy, from D&D to Final Fantasy. I collect dragon figurines and various fantasy decorations. To celebrate finishing my first fantasy novel, I bought a sword. I'm also addicted to video games. I play mainly RPGs, shooters, and adventure games.

I listen to heavy metal (mostly progressive and death metal) as well as some celtic, folk, and new age. I also love video game soundtracks (I've been listening to "Final Fantasy - The Black Mages" a lot recently).

I'm a huge fan of fantasy literature; I love dragonlance novels in particular. I follow the works of Lynn Flewelling, Anne Bishop, and Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman obsessively. I also love the works of George Orwell, Clive Barker, and Ellen Kushner. I'm always interested in reading new fiction, so my list of favorite authors will most definitely expand in the future.

That's me in a nutshell.