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Now friends only (sort of).

I made the vast majority of my journal friends only. Reading some of my earlier stuff made me a bit self-conscious about having my innermost thoughts accessible to any stranger who happens by. I know, it's a little silly, especially when you consider that this journal has been around for so long that if there were any negative consequences to that, it probably would have happened a long time ago.

Then again, I never promoted this journal, and the time is coming when I'm going to be putting myself out in the public more. I'm not the kind of person who goes out looking for attention, but I'll pretty much have to if I want to sell books.

So this journal will have a public layer and a private layer. My personal stuff will be private, and my reviews, videos, and other things will be public. This journal will serve as a stand-in for my blog until I finally get around to getting it up to snuff.

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