September 30th, 2011


I'm officially an OnLive fan.

So remember way back when I wrote those reviews/impression entries about OnLive? To sum up I basically said that the service is a marvel of technology, but that I'd probably never buy games from it. This was back in July of 2010, mind you. I had since written two follow-ups, one for the launch of OnLive unlimited-play subscription service called the PlayPack, and again when I got my hands on an OnLive Microconsole. My view of OnLive had improved slightly, but I was still cautious and took a wait-and-see attitude.

Well it's been more than a year since I've first written about it, so what do I think now? To answer that question, let me direct you to an article I wrote which was recently published on the news page.

So, yeah ... I've become something of a fan. I've been hanging out on the forum quite a bit, keeping up with the latest news, and announcements. I went from swearing never to purchase a game from OnLive to being the owner of nearly every single game on the service. I am not kidding. Last time I counted I owned 63 full playpasses, most of which I purchased on sale and a fair number of them I've actually received for free. For example, I paid $0 for Red Faction: Armageddon and F.E.A.R. 3, both on their respective release days. I think that's when I made the slide into fandom. I was blasting aliens in Red Faction, literally within a minute of the game releasing in the United States, and having a blast while everyone else was driving to the store or waiting for their downloads to complete. And for FREE!

Granted I got those games free by taking advantage of other deals which have since expired, but OnLive always seems to be having some sale or promotion. I swear, it all happened so fast that one day I just turned around and was like "where the hell did all these games come from?"

Does OnLive still have its problems? Yes, it does. Have they improved over time? Tremendously so! Most recently they've launched the service in the UK, and the demand for OnLive across the pond has far exceeded expectations. Graphics, latency, and overall service quality has made great improvements in the time I've used the service, and OnLive has a lot of great things in the works at the moment. I really think that OnLive is the future of gaming. Now I hardly ever turn on my Xbox 360 or PS3.

When I have the time I'll be writing a new review of OnLive for my website. I also have a review to write for another cloud gaming service that I've been neglecting to get around to. But until then, I have to find a way to drag myself away from my OnLive Microconsole long enough to get actual writing done!
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