August 5th, 2011


Humble Indie Bundle bonus.

Once again the Humble Indie Bundle has added a new game to their already impressive package. All purchasers of the bundle now receive Atom Zombie Smasher with their bundle. Previous purchasers automatically receive it, of course.

That brings the total number of games in the bundle up to twelve, plus free Minecraft access until August 14th. This is truly an amazing deal that you will not find anywhere else. 7 great indie games for whatever price you choose to pay, as little or as much as you desire, with proceeds going to the charity of your choice. 12 games if you choose to donate a higher amount than the current average.

If you have any interest in these games, or in donating to a worthy cause, I suggest you act quickly. There are only a few days remaining for this bundle, and then it will be gone.
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OnLive now has the best deals. Period.

OnLive recently announced a new perk for their OnLive PlayPack subscribers. In addition to having unlimited access to a large library of games (currently 75, with new games added weekly), they will also receive a 30% discount off of ALL OnLive purchases for as long as they remain a subscriber.

This discount applies to game purchases, pre-orders, hardware such as consoles and controllers, and even games that are already on sale! Their weekly $5 Friday game (this week it's Darksiders) now costs only $3.50 to playpack subscribers. New games, such as the pre-order for the upcoming Saints Row: The Third, now costs $34.99, down from $49.99.

If you like deals, OnLive is now the best place to find them bar none. Their new PlayPack benefit ensures that you will NEVER pay full price for games again. The subscription costs $9.99 a month, which means that if you use your discount on any game that costs $33.30 or more, it's already paid for itself in savings. Of course, the savings add up quite a bit if you make multiple purchases.

If you're interested in OnLive I would suggest the following approach. Let's think of it as a starter's kit. Subscribe to the playpack for $9.99 monthly. That right there gives you access to over 70 games right off the bat. With your new discount, take advantage of one of their pre-order deals for $34.99. Pre-ordering Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, for example, will give you a free copy of Darksiders plus a free OnLive Microconsole. So for a total cost of $44.98 (plus shipping costs for your new console) you get over over 70 subscription games, one full purchase game that's yours to keep regardless of subscription status, a pre-order for a new upcoming game, AND an OnLive console which, by itself, is valued at $99.

All that stuff would normally run you $178.97 (excluding shipping) individually, which means a total savings of $133.99 (excluding shipping) for you. Of course, if you'd rather not be subscribed you can cancel your subscription and keep the rest of the goodies.

Now all OnLive has to do is bring more great games to the service and it may even give Steam a run for its money. They're not anywhere near there yet, but having watched OnLive for the past year I must say I'm highly impressed by the progress they've made.
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I'm an odd fellow.

Sometimes I baffle myself.

Everyone went to a family reunion being held in North Carolina. They didn't have room for me so I had to stay behind. That means for the next few days I have nothing but free time. No one will come over, no one will disturb me. I have everything all to myself.

So what do I choose to do with my free time? I'm boring myself to tears by working on getting my website's blog engine fully updated, then fixing all the things that the upgrade broke. I could literally be doing ANYTHING ELSE right now, and I'm working out a tech problem.

Screw that noise. After these files are uploaded I'm going to stop there, and save the clean-up for a time when I'm NOT supposed to be having FUN instead of working.
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