August 3rd, 2011


More Humble Bundle Awesomeness.

I didn't expect to be writing about the Humble Bundle again, but they just now announced a big surprise.

Everyone who purchases the Humble Indie Bundle for a price higher than average (which currently is $4.80) then you will receive five additional games with your bundle! If you've already purchased the bundle, then you will automatically receive these games regardless of how much or little you've chosen to pay.

As you can see, the additional games are from the previous Humble Bundle and consist of the following games:

Cortex Command
Revenge of the Titans

That brings the total number of games included in this bundle up to eleven, plus free access to Minecraft for the duration of the bundle period. You will NEVER find a deal like this anywhere else, so if you're into these games I suggest you buy now or kick yourself later.

Oh, and don't forget to donate some of that money to the Child's Play charity while you're at it. :)
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