July 31st, 2011


Well that sucked.

Saturday was absolutely wretched! The power went out that afternoon, leaving us without air conditioning during a hellishly hot heatwave. Thank goodness I had invested in a UPS earlier this year, so I at least had time to shut down my computer before the UPS's battery ran dry.

The power remained out well into the night, when we had to break out the flashlights and candles. We tried calling the landlord and landlady, but they are currently vacationing in Canada. They did call someone, though, and they eventually got the power back on ... for about 15 minutes, and the guy had already left by that point. Luckily the landlord's brother returned home and he fixed the problem for now.

Turned out that, because of the heatwave, air conditioner use in this house had went way up. This caused the fuse to blow, and the one after that. After it was fixed for the second time we were instructed to keep our power consumption to a minimum for tonight, since they're out of fuses and can't replace it again if it happens tonight. We have all our lights out, and I'm only running my AC and my computer. A few folks volunteered to keep their ACs off, but I have to have mine due to my extreme sensitivity to heat.

I wasn't able to enjoy the restoration of power since the heat had left me with a pretty bad migraine. I popped some painkillers, turned off the lights and went to sleep, and here I am now. My head is feeling better, though I'm still a little nauseous. I don't have the energy to do much right now. I'm just going to watch some videos and maybe go back to sleep in a couple of hours.
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