July 8th, 2011


Contemplating my next steps.

With my novel nearly done, I'm thinking about my next steps. Should I go directly to pitching it to agents and publishers, or should I find some beta readers to go over my work and provide feedback?

They each have their benefits and pitfalls. Getting some beta readers might show me ways to improve my story that I hadn't thought of before. On the other hand I could fall into the classic writer's trap, "always revising, never submitting." I'm gun shy as it is without adding more reasons to avoid putting my work out there.

Going directly to agents and publishers would speed things up, and if they're feeling kind I might even get some tips from professionals. However, if my work isn't good enough I may have a hard time getting my foot in the door, something that may be avoided by getting some outsider feedback beforehand.

That's the whole problem, isn't it? I'm NOT sure if my work is good enough. I simply have no basis for comparison. Sure I think my work is good, but OF COURSE I think that, I WROTE the damn thing! It could be complete garbage for all I know. Which, considering how many years of my life I've devoted to writing, would be pretty damn sad.

Anyway, I haven't decided yet. I still have to finish the editing before this becomes an issue.
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