June 29th, 2011


Thinking about the country.

I remember when I was younger and wanted to live out in the country. Now I look back at those fantasies and laugh. I wouldn't survive a day in such surroundings. I'm an entomophobe, I am deathly afraid of insects and things that look like insects. I'm also afraid of animals, particularly the ones that could bite, sting, or poison me. My allergies wouldn't help matters either. That quickly cures me of any romantic thoughts I may have about "living in nature" and such.

Also, no fiber-optic Internet? Being miles away from the nearest electronics store? I'd go stark raving MAD from the lack of connectivity.

I've since modified that dream. I still want to experience the country, but as a vacation, not a permanent residence. Particularly, I'd like to have a creative getaway in the country for, say, one week, in which to find inspiration for my writing. I'd just have to remember to pack plenty of bug spray for the trip.
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