June 2nd, 2011


Major OnLive Announcements.

I know, another OnLive post. For someone who had originally been quite critical of the service, I'm talking about it an awful lot.

They just made some big announcements today. They announced quite a lot, actually, so I'll give you the cliffsnotes version.

Disney Interractive Studios signs on as an OnLive partner.
OnLive New Universal Controller
OnLive Announces Support for Millions of Intel-Based Electronics.
HTC Flyer Running OnLive Demoed.
Homefront Multiplayer to be Added to the Unlimited PlayPack.
Facebook Integration goes Live.
UK Launch Scheduled for Autumn of This Year.
OnLive Announces 1st Anniversary Extravaganza.

More info at these links.




They announced all this stuff, and E3 hasn't even started yet. It makes me wonder what they're holding back for the conference.
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Behold my awesomeness!

I just tested OnLive's facebook functionality. I'm not a facebook person so I had to create an account. The videos, once shared, pop up on your facebook wall as an embedded flash video. I downloaded it using a Firefox plugin and uploaded it to YouTube.

Here's me killing aliens in Red Faction: Armageddon. Note that the "jump" is a small glitch. I had hit the third bug with a melee attack and it launched me into the air for some reason.

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