May 22nd, 2011

Fire Yin Yang

Work in Progress.

Work on my novel continues at a decent pace. Decent, in this case, meaning better than before. I find that editing requires a different way of thinking than creative writing. I'm more easily taxed mentally, and I have far less endurance while editing than with writing. When writing new chapters, hours can pass by completely unnoticed. I can start at night, then look up and discover that the sun had risen.

With editing I can maintain my focus for a couple of hours, tops, and that's stretching it. I'm trying to maintain a steady output by splitting the workload into smaller sessions throughout the day. I'll sit down and edit, and when I feel mentally fatigued I stop, and then return a few hours later once my mind has been refreshed. I'm aiming for small gains, about 10 pages per day, which I hope to increase once I build stamina.

What really gets me is the thought that once these edits are complete ... it will be finished. Really, truly finished. The only other edits I will do will be at the behest of a publisher. I'll finally have reached the point where I will be sending the book out for consideration.

This has been a LONG time coming. I've been patient, and I've asked for more patience from those close to me than I perhaps deserve. All I can do is move forward and hope that my patience will be rewarded. I try not to worry about the future; there is no point in that. No man can know the future, and anxiety is a false prophet. I do not know how my work will be received, and if it is not accepted there is nothing stopping me from modifying my book until it is acceptable, or writing another novel if it comes to it. There is no such thing as defeat unless I allow it.

God knows there are FAR worse books in print today. Twilight and I am Number Four are prime examples of the kind of poor quality that gets published nowadays. If garbage like that can be published, and even become popular, then my chances can't be as bad as I imagine them to be.
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