May 16th, 2011


Free game from OnLive.

I've done a lot of talking about the OnLive cloud gaming service lately, but I felt this particular bit of news was worth bringing up the subject one more time so I could share it.

At 12:01AM EST a new game is going to be released on the OnLive service. It hasn't been revealed what game this will be, but here's the interesting bit: for the first 24 hours after this game is released you can get it for FREE!

As a show of appreciation for the loyal OnLive fans, the publisher of this mystery game has consented to the release of a special code, good for 24 hours, that will grant a full playpass for the game, free of charge, to anyone who uses it. This code will be released exclusively through the fan forum.

Click here the official details.

While I'm on the subject of OnLive, I may as well point out a couple of other interesting deals they're currently running.

Pre-order the upcoming game Red Faction: Armageddon and receive a free OnLive Microconsole and a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Also, Duke Nukem Forever is coming to OnLive. The legendarily delayed game that has won countless vaporware of the year awards and achieved a kind of gaming urban myth status is FINALLY coming out for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows PC. If you pre-order the OnLive version of the game you will instantly receive a code good for either a free OnLive Microconsole or a free full playpass for any game of your choosing.

Personally, I pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever. Red Faction: Armageddon will be released one week before Duke Nukem Forever, so with my pre-order bonus code I'm going to get Red Faction Armageddon for FREE the day it is released (unfortunately the code doesn't work while it's in pre-order status, so you can't get both deals that way).

So not only am I getting a free game later today, I'm also going to get Red Faction: Armageddon, a brand new AAA title, on its release day, for FREE! Where else is that even possible outside of piracy? I've expressed a lot of doubts about OnLive, but deals like these keep reeling me back in.
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Ghaleon hacked.

If you're visiting the forum, it recently came to my attention that the site was hacked yesterday and was distributing a virus to any who visited it. That's been fixed, but the hackers also got the forum's twitter page, and that has yet to be resolved.

Until further notice, ignore anything tweeted by as it WILL send you to a virus.
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