April 7th, 2011


Get out while you still can!

Well, it's been a fun three days, but I decided to stop playing Minecraft while I still have the willpower to put my foot down and say no. The problem is that the game is too addictive, and I can see what will happen if I continue playing. Days, weeks, and perhaps months spent building pretend things in an imaginary world, to the point where I neglect creating the pretend things and imaginary worlds that could potentially make me money (my books). I'm already a peerless master of the art of procrastination, so the last thing I need right now is more excuses not to do my bloody work.

So basically I'm going to stop playing Minecraft for the same reason I stopped using RPG Maker. I could fiddle around with it till the cows come home, and perhaps make some really nifty things that the odd anonymous person on the internet might find impressive, but at the end of the day I'd have taken time away from creating something that not only has the potential to reach a larger audience, but could possibly (Flying Spaghetti Monster willing) result in tangible benefits (IE money).

Ah, temptation. My one weakness.